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Old Globe

Real Voices, Unveiled

Yemeni stories of escape and embracing new realities.



A Yemeni family fled the war-torn city of Aden, embarking on a perilous journey to Somalia. They faced numerous hardships, including injuries caused by bombs. After arriving in Amman, Jordan, they were granted refugee status but struggled with limited access to housing, education, and medical care. Despite their efforts, they remain trapped in a cycle of hardship, yearning for a better future for their children and themselves.


A.A.Q. survives on community aid and informal work while hoping for resettlement and reunification with his wife. His story highlights the ongoing plight of refugees seeking stability and a future for their families



A. reveals her story of leaving Yemen to Egypt with her son who is partially paralyzed. Trauma continues to distract her from looking towards the future.

View from the family's kitchen window


A mother and daughter split from their family to live in the safety of Amman. Despite finding safety, they struggle to find peace and hope within their new reality because of the dark memories of their past life in Yemen. 



S. strives to find work opportunities in Egypt after leaving her normal and peaceful life in Yemen. Without a husband, her determination to raise her children alone, ensuring their success, is both challenging and deeply rewarding.


After being imprisoned, B. and part of his family fled to Egypt. His refugee status has made him a target for many physical attacks, damaging his self-esteem. This story highlights to mistreatment and prejudice refugees face around the world. 



Originally from Somalia, Helima fled Sana'a to Jordan to find work that pays enough to support her family in Somalia. Her age has restricted her from finding jobs amongst the younger refugees. Her journey is lonesome but her motivation remains strong.


Y.'s struggle goes far beyond being a refugee in a new country. His son's face a spinal disease that can easily become fatal without specialized treatments. Discrimination, fear, and hopeless cloud Y.'s new world in Egypt.

View from her house


A young woman, Omnia, lived a peaceful and quiet life in Yemen. Finding a job was a major challenge as was adjusting to the cultural patterns of Jordan, her new home. Her optimism runs high as she dreams of being an educator for children in Yemen.

Through the words of Zahra's daughter, Amina tells the story of the selfless acts her mother has done to better her children's future. Zahra dove into the unknown to find opportunities for work and medical treatments. Despite her barely making enough money to get by, she continues to send money to Somalia.



Trapped by debt in both Egypt and Yemen, G. tirelessly searches for jobs to break free and simply survive. Since he is healthy, the UN seldom responds to his aid requests, leaving him to navigate his new reality alone, with the burden of debt constantly looming over him.

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