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A. is in her thirties, and is from Yemen. She moved to Egypt in 2016 with her son, who has Erb's Palsy, which causes partial paralysis. 


She told us the most difficult part about living in Egypt was her struggle to keep her son safe, and the isolation from others. 


Since arriving to Egypt, she finds ways to provide for her family. She receives some help from the UN, sells perfume, and sells meals she cooks. 


A. experiences lingering trauma and fear since leaving Yemen. Her trauma comes from her family, who continue to threaten her. Her husband died, and her family wants her son to avenge his father's death. But because of the son's condition, he cannot do this.


The isolation in Egypt has created a sense of hopelessness, though she presses on. She teaches her son at home, since he cannot attend school to get the education he needs. 


A. desires safety, peace, and provisions for her son. She works hard to give her son the best life she can. 

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