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S. fled Yemen and arrived in Egypt in 2019. She is divorced, which has caused her difficulty in life — especially living as a refugee in a new country. 


Overall, S. feels safer in Egypt, but every day brings new challenges. She receives no benefits from the UN, and cannot obtain refugee status. Her status is limited to "Asylum Seeker," which only allows her to live in Egypt. 


It is nearly impossible for her to find safe work. Those who have allowed her to do work have mistreated her. 


S. feels she has already lived a good life in Yemen, and now, her only hope and purpose left in life is to provide for her children. 


Her daughter is a brilliant student. It is heartbreaking that she cannot find scholarships to attend university. S. believes her daughter could become a doctor one day, but her education options are nonexistent given their situation. 

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